Who We Help

Summarize Your Ideal Client

Add a “client profile” to your website that clearly summarizes the needs, wants and next step for who you are trying to attract. Your ideal clients will identify with this and SELF-SELECT as being right for your business. This cuts down on meetings with the wrong leads.

  • Bullet point of the most important points
  • Use the next few pages to assist you
  • This summary will be posted on your website

Who You Are


What Your Issues Tend To Be (What You Want To Accomplish)


What You Need Most Right Now (Why You and I Should Work Together)

  • Short-term solution
  • As not to overwhelm your ideal client, you don’t need to highlight LONG-TERM benefits. Those will get sold later on, as you develop a relationship with them.

The Next Step

What is the COMPELLING CALL-TO-ACTION your IDEAL CLIENT should take and what’s in it for them for doing so? (HELP)