Adopt-a-FamilyEach year prior to the holiday season, the Timonium Optimists adopt two local needy families identified by the Baltimore County Dept. of Social Services.

We are given a description of each family, including ages of children, clothing sizes and their wish list. Members are generous in donating wrapped gifts, food and money for the families.

Thanksgiving 2012

Family #1 is one of the  families from 2011 for a second Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2012 — a Towson grandmother raising two granddaughters, ages 11 and 17. Family #2 is another Towson grandmother raising a 13-year-old grandson.  

A few days before Thanksgiving, the project chairman Karl Parks delivers food baskets with the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner—complete with turkey and stuffing. The baskets also hold an ample supply of food staples. The visit gives the club representative an opportunity to learn more about each family’s needs.

Christmas 2012

The club collects presents for each of the children and fills more food baskets for the holidays and beyond. Monetary contributions plus extra money from the club’s Christmas party go toward the purchase of gift certificates. Just before Christmas, Karl delivers food baskets, wrapped gifts and Target gift cards to each family.

Our  holiday families are always very appreciative of the food, gifts and monetary donations from the club. The chance to help others, boosts the holiday spirit of club members