Respect for Law

Respect for LawAmong the purposes of Optimists Clubs are the intentions to promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs, and to inspire respect for law. Towards those ends, Optimist International sponsors Respect for Law Week in May each year.

The Timonium Optimist Respect for Law Program

The Timonium Optimists celebrate Respect for Law Week by holding a special club dinner meeting in May to honor the Timonium Optimist Police Officer of the Year, chosen by the captain of our local Cockeysville Precinct of the Baltimore County Police Department. The recognition given to that one outstanding policeman represents the high regard that the Optimists and the rest of the community have for the entire department.

The event is always well attended by high-ranking members of the BCPD, including Police Chief Terrence Sheridan or his representative and Captain John Young of Cockeysville Precinct 7 or his representative. These spokespersons for the BCPD repeatedly express appreciation for the support shown by the Timonium Optimists through this program and through the club’s cooperation with police-sponsored projects such as Shop with a Cop.

Because other community members are also influential in promoting the general welfare of the community andrespect for law, the club also recognizes the service of others who play significant roles. Each year, a Fire Fighter of the Year is honored at this May dinner. Sometimes, additional leaders have been recognized as well, such as a Teacher of the Year and a Businessman of the Year.

2016–2017 Officer of the Year

The honoree for this year is Officer Dennis Kerns. He was recognized at the Timonium Optimist Respect for Law dinner on Mon., May 1, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel in Timonium. The presentation was made by Chairman Fran Harris.

Awards Presented to the Officer of the Year

  • Timonium Officer of the Year citation
  • Honor Resolution from the Maryland House of Delegates
  • Honor Citation from the Maryland State Senate

The club also maintains a plaque with the cumulative names of Timonium Optimist Officers of the Year for display at Cockeysville Precinct 7.